Saturday, March 10, 2012

Create faux crown moulding or enhance your existant moulding!

When I moved into my house, I thought my downstairs had the most beautiful crown moulding. I was here at least 6 months before someone pointed out to me that it was faux. Am I really that non-observant? Upon closer look, I realized that my friend was correct. Here's what it looks like.
How to do it yourself:

Hang a piece of traditional 3 1/2" crown moulding flush with the ceiling. Approximately 2"-2 1/2" below, hang a piece of 1" moulding. Then paint both pieces of moulding, along with the space in between, the same color. This gives the illusion of beautiful, high-end crown moulding!

Here's a site that gives you great step-by-step instructions and tools you'll need:

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