Monday, September 29, 2014

An Army Themed Birthday!

Here's a little recap of my son's Army themes 7th birthday party we held at our house. It was an absolute blast for all of the guests and most certainly for the birthday boy!

Each guest became a new recruit as they arrived at the party. They were issued dog tags, a helmet, had their face painted camouflage, and were ordered to complete the obstacle course. The obstacle course was a complete hit and filled the bulk of the time of the party as the kids all wanted to do many of the challenges multiple times. 

Pics from the obstacle course: 

All of the kids LOVED the cardboard camouflaged tank we made. They all enjoyed going inside it and especially shooting various things through the turret! 

Face Painting:

Lunch was served in true Army fashion: MRE's! 

Instead of the usual cake/cupcakes, we decided to stick fully to the Army theme for the cake. Each guest received a "cake in a can" cake ration in their MRE. These were an absolute hit with the kids! 

The party favors each child received upon visiting the "Out Processing" table before leaving the party. Each child received a "Basic Training" certificate of completion and were promoted to the rank of Private First Class:

A very happy mother and son celebrating his special day: