Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Washing Easter Eggs

I don't know about your Easter eggs, but after being hidden outside and then manhandled by my kid's candy-laden hands, our plastic Easter eggs get NASTY! I save the eggs year after year and some get filled with jokes, some get filled with money, but some get filled with candy...and I don't want that unwrapped candy touching those nasty eggs, especially perhaps the ones that have perhaps been filled with the world's filthiest item...MONEY! 

Having the work smarter not harder philosophy, I figured out the easiest way to wash our Easter eggs...in the washing machine! My sister asked me why not the dishwasher, but I figured the washing mashine would be best for two reasons. One, I thought the eggs might fall through the racks and melt on the washer coils. Two, if you put them in a mesh bag to prevent this, they nest together. The spinning of a washing machine will be sure to slosh them around and ensure all the eggs get washed. 

I purchased a mesh laundry bag at the dollar store (my favorite place on earth), put all of the opened eggs inside, and knotted the end so it wouldn't come open. I set the water on warm (I figured hot might ruin some of the paint on the eggs) and set it on the gentle cycle).

 All the eggs came out perfectly clean with all the candy goo and dirt washed off! 

I then laid out a large towel and spread out the eggs so they could dry....you want to make sure you don't store anything even the slightest bit wet at all! It will destroy everything in your storage bin with mildew! I've learned that the hard way unfortunately! 

VoilĂ ! Perfectly clean eggs that are all set for filling next year...the EASY way!