Thursday, December 5, 2013

Elf on the Shelf Mischief

We all love our elf on the shelf and there's nothing more fun and rewarding for our late night's of elf mischief than the smile and excitement on the faces of our children in the morning.

I'll be posting some of our silly elf shenanigans periodically to perhaps give you some new ideas. 

The Adventures of Bailey and Chippie! 

Our scout elves are back for the season!
They arrived through this little fairy door this year with
welcome note in hand!
The elves wrapped everything in the bathroom (mirror, toilet, soap, etc.) and were 
caught with the scissors and ribbon in their hands.
Breakfast with their favorite scout elf!
I looked for a cute cereal box with a face on it, cut it out, and had the
elf popping through. They loved it!
Kids always love a scavenger hunt too! Create clues for them to search for throughout the house with the final clue leading to a small gift from your elf!

This next use may be my favorite in my 3 years of elfing...I found an elf hat, vest, and boots at Target in their $3 bins and it just came right to me. Sneak your elf costume into your room and quickly don your new apparel just before your kids wake up. Pretend to be sleeping when they come in to discover your new elf attire. When they "wake" you, you'll be completely mystified as to how you got such a silly costume on! I added a note to our elf's hand saying she had played a joke on Mommy just to add to the fun. My boys were in disbelief and could not stop laughing hysterically! What a great start to a morning! 
Good morning! Wait, what happened?!?!
Elf Training
One tried to sneak into a present but fell in! The other just giggled :)
Rocketing away back to the North Pole!
I found these free printable rocket ship templates on this site.
They wanted to add their heights to our growth chart!
If Chippi has an aviator jacket & goggles, he certainly has to take Bailey on
a plane ride! 
Shooting mini Nerf guns at their target
Playing Elf Twister
Free Mini Printable boards on this site. 
Absolutely perfect for the evening of  December 20th!
Credit to my friend, Kendall, for this one! Fore more days!
Minecraft elves with blocks and farm animals
(I think that's what happens in Minecraft, I never pay attention, lol!)
Free Printable elf block heads found here!
Camping and reading mini Spooky Elf Stories around a campfire

Stuck in a Slinky hanging from the ceiling fan
They have their eyes everywhere to watch for good behavior!

This one was super fun and, once again, my boys were left totally stunned! I set up a little mini elf "photo booth" and placed the kids' iPad next to it. When they awoke and looked on their iPad, it seems those silly elves had been taking selfies!
Elf Selfies!
For the life of me, I can't find where I found these
adorable photo booth props, my apologies! It was somewhere on Pinterest!
This set-up was found the morning we were flying out for a trip. The kids got very excited with the hint that the elves may be traveling with us!
Packing their suitcase...Bailey's simply won't close! Too many skirts! Chippie to the rescue! 
With a little secret smuggling, they did make it to our hotel! Imagine that!
All cozied up for the night in the hand towels and washcloths for pillows. 

And in case you've noticed our beautiful Bailey wearing an engagement ring in some of the pictures, this is how that began...

Chippie pops the question to Bailey!
She's been seen wearing her ring each night since the engagement,
so she must have said "Yes!"
They kids ALWAYS love it when the elves toilet paper the Christmas tree! 

***As always, keep checking back for more fun ideas and happy elfing!***