Monday, August 25, 2008


So I'm clearly not very good at blogging. I just don't have the time anymore. I think I could have more free time if I chose to, however keeping myself so busy is the easiest way for me to pass time.

This has been a pretty shitty couple of weeks for our family. I've been a bundle of worries, which I'm sure Connor can feel. I do my best to hide it from him and I never cry in front of him. I want to shelter him as best as I can. It's bad enough that he has to be without his Daddy for so long, I just don't want him to have to go through this.

On Thursday Bubba's humvee hit an IED. He's okay and so is everyone else. I don't have the emotional energy to tell the whole story now, but I'm sure I'll come back when I'm able to. This just sucks though.

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Brittany said...

HEY! I just read your VERY HEART WARMING comment on my army wives blog, and I just have to say, thank you.

Its amazing how immature and closed minded these people out here are when you go against the grain. I realize that I am the minority -- sadly, i'm losing friends because of it -- but have always been openminded. So, its very frustrating here.

Another army wife who reads my blog, she's based down at Fort Carson in Colorado, said that she met Obama in person once. And when she told him she was an army wife, he instantly gave her a hug, told her that he would do everything he could to keep her husband home and safe, and thank you for everything that her and her husband did.

Anyways, thanks for the support. I really appreciate it. And hang in there ...i know the feeling of "this isn't what I planned when I went to school."

I'll check back on your blog often!!