Sunday, July 6, 2008

Now true worrying begins...

So Bubba's been away for almost 4 months now. The first 3 months he was just training at various places here in the states. I missed him with all of my heart, but I was okay being away from him because I knew he was safe. Nearly a month ago, which surprisingly has gone by pretty fast, he flew into country. The Army, nothing new here, pretty much wasn't ready for him when he got there, so he was just putzing around in different areas, all of which were on bases though. I worried like I had never worried before. However, part of me knew though that he was relatively safe being on a base. Safer, I should say.

Bubba just called though. What an amazing thing it is to hear his voice once again. He finally was sent to the unit he'll be joining and working with. I just don't think I was ready for this level of worry. I am truly terrified. At times, paralyzed with fear. At this point in the war, Bubba honestly has one of the most dangerous jobs there is, in the most dangerous part of the country. I don't intend on anyone reading my blogs, they're really just for me to vent, but to adhere to OPSEC, I can't really give any details on his mission. He is incredible though, his job is vital, and what he's doing will be written about in history books. I am so proud of him and I know Connor will be too. I just hate the impending danger that he will be in though. It is really killing me on the inside.

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