Friday, July 17, 2015

Make an Easier and Stronger Water Blob!

If you've seen the posts all over Pinterest for how to make a water blob, perhaps you've had the (mis)fortune of trying to make one yourself. They always seem to leak somewhere or pop, and then there's the issue of being so incredibly heavy that they're practically unable to be moved. 

I needed to make a landing spot for a long water slide I made for my son's party using plastic sheeting (now that's genius!) and after many failed attempts, I became incredibly frustrated. While perusing at 5 Below, I came across a cheap inflatable plastic raft and had an "Aha! moment"! 

I brought my 2 new inflatable rafts home and immediately tested them out. Absolutely genius! It worked like a charm!


Simply screw on a water balloon attachment to your hose to fit into the inflation valve and start filling up! The rafts I purchased had partition seams down the raft. When I noticed the first partition getting too full, I just applied some pressure with my hand to the bottom where the water could then spread easily into the next partition. Be sure to do that periodically to avoid over-inflating the seams. Within a few minutes you'll have your new stronger, easier to move water blob! 

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